4 Reasons You Should Hire an Auto Accident Attorney After a Collision

There are roughly six million auto accidents that happen in the United States every year and nearly half of those involved in these accidents will experience some injuries. Did you just get into an accident with another motorist who was not paying attention or was speeding? Aside from causing both fear and frustration, the accident may have caused you to endure agonizing injuries. After you have addressed your injuries and your new reality, you should hire an attorney. Here are a few reasons why. 

1. You Know the Other Driver Was Distracted or in the Wrong

When you know that the motorist who collided into your vehicle was in the wrong, you want to file a lawsuit against that person because they need to be accountable for their actions. Because most people in the United States own smartphones, it is common to see those people using their phones while they are on the road. It is not safe to use a phone while driving, but people still choose to do it. The driver that hit your car may have been sending a text message, answering a call, drinking from a cup, or trying to apply makeup while driving when the accident occurred. You might have noticed the driver was distracted right before they hit your car. No matter how severe the accident was, you need to make sure that the other motorist is held responsible for making such a bad decision.

2. You Are Missing Work and Other Obligations Due to Injuries

Various injuries can occur during motor vehicle accidents. Some people will only sustain bruises and scratches from these accidents while others end up with life-threatening problems, such as injuries to the brain that can cause memory loss and blunt force trauma to the internal organs. If your injuries are bad enough to keep you from working and taking care of other obligations, it makes sense to file that lawsuit against the other motorist. If that is what you want to do, you need an auto accident attorney to get involved.

3. The Other Driver Involved Is Blaming You for the Accident

You were probably shocked to hear that the driver who caused this accident is claiming that you were in the wrong. When this happens, you need to prove that you did not cause the collision. With the right evidence at your disposal, you can make sure the negligent motorist takes responsibility. Proving that you are innocent and the other driver was at fault does take time but with the right attorney, you can put together a sound case. 

4. You Are Now Permanently Disabled or Live with Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, the impact of a crash is severe enough to leave some people with chronic pain or permanent disabilities. These are serious issues for anyone to experience. Constantly dealing with pain can make living your life such a challenge. Having a disability could prevent you from doing things that you did before the collision. When something major like this happens, an attorney needs to get involved to seek more compensation because of the permanent damage that was caused.

Millions of vehicle collisions occur in the United States, many of which lead to drivers and their passengers to endure countless injuries. The injuries you have from an accident caused by a negligent motorist could lead to permanent issues for you, including chronic pain that you will need to learn to live with and manage on your own. Because of everything that can happen in the aftermath of a collision, contact law services like David Helfand PA. Attorneys can work on proving you were not at fault while trying to obtain damages.

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