Workers Compensation Law Services: Filing With Your Union

If you're a member of a labor union, filing a workers compensation claim can be complex. Fortunately, workers compensation law services can help you file a claim with state and your labor union.

Here are some of the complexities a workers compensation attorney can help you figure out when you're a unionized employee.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

The protections and benefits secured by labor unions on behalf of their members are dictated by the collective bargaining agreements they reach with employers. If you're a unionized employee, this collective bargain agreement can guarantee extra benefits and protections when you file a workers compensation claim.

  • Protections: Losing your position when you file a workers compensation claim is always a concern. Most unions, however, collectively bargain in order to protect employees when they're forced to file a workers compensation claim. It's important to have your workers compensation attorney look for this type of guarantee before you file a workers compensation claim. This can help confirm that your position, pay, and seniority are protected while you're collecting workers compensation insurance.
  • Benefits: Unions often collectively bargain for additional benefits for their member. Things like subsidized health care and child care are the most common benefits collectively bargained for. When you file a workers compensation claim, these same benefits should still be available to you. In cases involving disputed workers compensation claims, your workers compensation law services firm can help you secure these benefits even while you're litigating your claim with an arbitrator.

Doubling Up

As a paying member of a labor union, you're often entitled to workers compensation insurance through the state and your union. In some states, however, who you file with first can be critical.

  • State First: If your state caps the amount of income you make while collecting workers compensation insurance, you'll want to file a claim with the state before filing with your union. Your workers compensation attorney can help you build a claim that ensures you meet the requirements set forth by the state.
  • Union First: If your state doesn't limit the income you earn while collecting workers compensation insurance, you can probably file first with your union. Because unions are smaller, the application process is often much quicker. It's important, however, to have your workers compensation lawyer thoroughly review your claim before you attempt to file with your union to ensure that your application isn't denied. This can include making sure that you're in good standing with the union and your employer.

Contact a workers compensation attorney for more information.

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