Protecting Your Rights Following an Auto Accident

A person who experiences a major auto accident can find themselves facing a number of different expenses that will have to be managed. In addition to the costs of repairing or replacing their vehicle, there may be numerous other types of damages they may have suffered. Due to the wide range of financial, physical, and property damage that can occur due to an auto accident, legal action is often be needed to recover these losses.  

Should You Consider Meeting With An Attorney Before You Speak To The Insurance?

Depending on the severity of the auto accident, consulting with an attorney as soon as possible can be an advisable step. These professionals can help you with assessing the extent of the compensation you may be able to recover based on the losses that you suffered and the facts surrounding the case. The attorney can also assist you by representing your interests in discussions with your insurance company or the other parties involved with the accident.

What Happens If The Other Driver Did Not Have Insurance?

Unfortunately, some drivers will fail to carry the insurance they are legally obligated to have in order to operate a motor vehicle. This can pose problems for the victim as they may have to take additional steps in order to recover the losses they sustained during the accident. For example, these victims may have to directly sue the driver rather than primarily focusing their efforts on the insurance. However, it will still be possible for these victims to recover the losses that they sustained as a result of the other driver.

Is It Normal For An Auto Accident Case To Take Months To Resolve?

While a person who has suffered major losses in an auto accident may want to have this matter settled as quickly as possible, there are limits to the speed at which these cases can be resolved. This is particularly true when the defense is refusing to negotiate a reasonable settlement and the workload of the court system can lead to a significant delay in scheduling hearings. Avoiding the urge to become impatient and settle for less than what the case is worth can be a challenge for many victims, but it can be necessary for ensuring that your rights as an auto accident victim can be protected so that you receive the financial compensation you need in order to recover from the significant costs involved.

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