Under What Circumstances Should You Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Getting injured on the job is not uncommon. Sometimes the injuries are minimal and you will only miss work for a day. However, some injuries can be severe and lead to weeks of hospitalization. 

Most employers provide their employees with workers compensation, which should cover the medical expenses resulting from workplace injuries. When you get such compensation, you forgo your right to sue the company for personal injury. 

Although most workplace injury cases are settled amicably by the injured employee and their employer, others may become complicated, requiring legal intervention. Here are circumstances when you might need a lawyer's help with a workers compensation claim.

To Determine Your Eligibility

You shouldn't start the process of filing for compensation if you are not sure about your eligibility. It is normal to assume that you are eligible since you incurred your injuries in your workplace. However, do not forget that not all injuries warrant compensation. For that reason, it is paramount to consult a workers compensation lawyer beforehand and see whether you meet the criteria. 

Several factors can lead to ineligibility. For example, if you were injured on the bus on your way to your workplace, you don't qualify for compensation. However, if your employer sends you on a work-related errand and you get injured in the process, you could claim compensation. Your lawyer will go through the circumstances leading to your injuries to determine your eligibility. 

To Check the Legal Criteria for the Case

Another crucial step during claim application is finding whether you meet the legal criteria for compensation. There are three things you are required to do by the law when making a claim. First, you have to prove that your injury is work-related. Secondly, you need to report the accident to your employer within a specific period, and lastly, you must seek medical help as soon as possible. Moreover, the doctor you consult with should be in your employer's panel of approved doctors. 

To Know Which Benefits to Claim

The compensation you receive from your employer will depend on the severity of the injury and other factors. The benefits you may qualify for include medical and disability benefits. Typically, you will start receiving medical benefits as soon as you file the claim. 

However, disability benefits might take some time. Having a competent lawyer by your side ensures that you receive the rightful benefits and within the right time. 

A seasoned and trusted workers compensation lawyer will come in handy in the above situations. Their experience and legal knowledge increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Contact a workers compensation lawyer in your area to learn more.

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