How To Avoid A Car Accident

It's estimated that 94-96% of car accidents occur as a result of human error, meaning one or more parties involved could prevent the damage. While accidents can happen even to the best drivers, a defensive driving approach can significantly minimize the risk. Learn more about how to avoid a car accident. 

Stay Alert

Drivers need to pay attention to their surroundings. Remaining alert will make it easier to make a quick decision in the case of an unexpected obstruction. In order to stay alert, remove all distractions. For example, put your phone away and on silent until you arrive at your destination. Casual chit-chat or listening to music moderately should not cause significant distraction. 

Leave Plenty of Space

In driver's ed, they teach students to leave 3 seconds between them and the car in front of them. Most people gradually forget this rule and become almost too comfortable. In most car accident cases, the person who rear-ends someone else is found responsible for the accident. Drivers need to prepare for the driver in front of them to stop suddenly.  Without proper preparation, the car physically won't stop in time. 

Never Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving steals innocent lives. The saddest part is that the accident could have been so easily avoided with better decisions. To avoid drinking and driving, do not drink when you plan to drive home for the night. If you do drink more than expected, make other arrangements. The cost of an uber or a favor from a friend will cost a lot less than the bad decision. A DUI costs a lot of money and will take away your license for a very long time. 

Keep Up on Car Maintenance 

When cars get old, they need service. Oil and other debris accumulates on the components of the car, making them more and more unreliable with time. Most cars come with indicators of service after the recommended amount of miles. However, some car owners don't take action until the car shows signs of malfunction. Maintenance includes things like changing the oil, filling the fluids, running diagnostics, and rotating the tires. 

There are numerous things that you can do to avoid a car accident before it happens. While these tips won't necessarily protect you from every accident, they can certainly make an accident far less likely. However, if you did find yourself in an accident, contact your local car accident attorney to learn your options.

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