I Got In An Accident As A Rideshare Passenger. Now What?

Rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, offer a valuable service to users who need quick, affordable transportation from point A to point B. If someone gets into an accident as a passenger, the passenger may not understand how to go about getting compensation for any damages they incurred. Learn more about what to do if you get into an accident as a rideshare passenger. 

Collect Evidence and Contact/Insurance Information 

After the accident, process the scene and collect evidence, such as pictures of the damage to the vehicles and any physical injuries. Talk to all parties involved to collect their insurance information. Collect all insurance information since you don't know whose insurance you will need to file a claim with. If a third party witnessed the accident, ask them for a statement. 

Contact Your Lawyer 

Talk to an auto accident lawyer to describe the incident. The lawyer will be able to give you their initial assessment of the case until you can talk in more detail. If the lawyer thinks you have a case, they will ask you to provide them with the evidence you have. The lawyer will be able to help you form your statement to the police and insurance companies, which is why you want to speak to your lawyer before anyone else. 

Inform the Rideshare Company About the Accident 

You need to let the rideshare company know about the incident in a timely manner. Some rideshare drivers may avoid a formal report in the case of a minor accident, but you need to report the incident in order to have formal documentation of the experience. 

Seek Medical Attention 

Visit a medical center or a hospital to have a doctor examine your injuries. Even seemingly minor injuries should receive adequate attention. In some cases, the injured party won't feel injured but find out they got a concussion or internal bleeding when they get to the doctor. Keep all medical documentation organized, and follow up as instructed. Keep all receipts for expenses related to your injury, such as copays and OTC medication, in your medical file for this case. 

Process Your Claim 

With proof of damages, you can file your claim with your personal injury attorney. In most cases, you will file a claim with the insurance company of the driver at fault. In some rare cases where the rideshare company showed neglect, you may consider suing them, too. Talk to your lawyer to get an honest assessment of your options. 

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