Can You Sue A Motorcycle Riding Group If An Accident Occurs?

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and exciting time. While many riders like to take rides on their own, some like to join up with a group and take to the streets together. This can be a great way to make friends and enjoy their bikes with others. What happens, however, if an accident occurred during a group ride? Can you sue the motorcycle group if you feel someone in the group was at fault if you were injured?

Here is some information you need to know that could help you win a lawsuit against a motorcycle group after an accident.

Was There A Clear, Organized Travel Plan?

One of the first things your lawyer might look at is if there was a clear, organized travel plan made by the motorcycle group's leader. This means, was there a pre-trip meeting to discuss the travel route, where the rest stops are, and when to fuel up? Did the leaders discuss hand signals so all riders know if anyone needs to stop or if a turn is coming up?

Was there a clear leader on the trip who is an experienced rider and were they aware of all the riders' skill levels? Did they spread out the bikes so those with less experience could be flanked by those with more experience in case they need help?

If not, you might have reason to sue the motorcycle group in the event of an accident for negligence on their part. Your motorcycle lawyer services can help you with the details.

Was The Group Too Large?

For a safe ride, motorcycle groups should be kept to only a few riders at a time. If the group is too large, then they should be separated into sub-groups with a leader in each group. A smaller group is easier to control. If a group gets too large, it's harder to know what each rider is doing and the potential for an accident increases quite a lot.

If an accident happened because the group was too large, you might have a basis for a lawsuit to sue the motorcycle group. They are supposed to keep the groups smaller to help prevent accidents, and if they haven't, you might have a case against them. Your lawyer can go through the responsibilities the group leaders have in this case.

Were The Riders Staggered In A Riding Formation?

To prevent accidents, riders in a group should be placed in a staggered formation to ride together. This keeps everyone well spaced out so no bike will come into contact with the other. This gives each rider time to react to any problems ahead of them and space to move out of the way of any falls, obstacles in the road, or any other unexpected hazard.

If the riders were given no definitive staggered riding formation by the group leaders and instead were bunched up close together and this lead to the accident, you could have a lawsuit against the group.

Talk to a motorcycle lawyers like Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers if you have further questions.

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