3 Things You Should Know After Experiencing a Serious But Non-Injury Car Accident

If you are in a serious car accident, the kind that causes enough damage to your car that it must be towed away, you may not be thinking about hiring an attorney. This may be true even if the other driver has sustained injuries. The accident wasn't your fault and you were not hurt, there are a few things you need to know.

1. You need to contact your insurance company right away

Even though you may believe the accident was the other driver's fault, they may claim otherwise. Your insurance company needs to be aware of what is taking place. This is often the case when the other driver was hurt in the accident. As long as there is a police report that documents the accident, the other driver is not likely to get any money from your insurance company, but your insurance carrier needs to be informed right away, so they can defend against a frivolous claim.

2. You should avoid a quick settlement

If your car is damaged severely and the accident was clearly not your fault, it is possible the other driver's insurance company will attempt to settle quickly with you. Although it may be tempting to take an offer, you need to get several estimates for repair or replacement of your car. And do not accept a check thinking there will be more money later. When you endorse a check, you will likely be waiving any future claims against the insurance company. In addition, you will be waiving any claim of bodily injury. The latter is important because you could sustain injuries that manifest after the accident.

3. You should consider consulting with an attorney

After getting an idea of the amount of money you need for the accident, you are offered a much smaller amount. You should then contact an auto accident attorney. They can negotiate on your behalf. An attorney may also be aware of other things you may be entitled to under the law. For example, you may be entitled to reimbursement for money spent on alternative transportation to your job. But even if you are receiving an offer that you find reasonable, you should still have an attorney look over the paperwork so you can understand exactly what the offer contains.

If you find yourself in a traffic accident that results in heavy damage to your car but you have sustained no injuries, strongly consider hiring a car accident attorney. The can help you understand how to best handle your case. 

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