Can A Personal Injury Case Arise From A Bar Fight?

Bar fights are somewhat of a stereotype popularized by movies. However, if you get into a fight at a bar or night club, you may not only have a claim against the individual who started the fight but you may also have a claim against the business itself. Fights can lead to serious injuries and you should get in contact with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Rowdy Bars

Some bars are hotbeds where fights can break out. However, unless you are engaged in mutual combat or started the fight, you have the right to enjoy a bar in peace without risking an injury. While you have the right to seek compensation from the assailant, this might not be a good use of your time because the assailant might not have the assets or insurance to cover your injuries. Instead, you'll have more luck seeking compensation from the bar.

Your personal injury lawyer must prove that the business owner was negligent and that this negligence leads to you becoming injured. One example of negligence is when the business does not have a drink policy. A bar has an obligation to not serve drunk patrons. 

Also, if a bar is known for having fights or criminal activity, the bar may be obligated to hire security to protect patrons. Security might take steps to reduce injuries by requiring that patrons use plastic cups rather than glass. However, some bars do not take any safety precautions at all even when they are known for being rowdy and dangerous. Under these circumstances, your personal injury attorney will help you seek compensation from the bar owner.

What to Do After a Fight

If you're attacked at a bar, contact the manager as soon as possible. While you may still file a lawsuit even if you do not speak with the manager, the jury might inquire about why you didn't bring the issue up with a manager. 

Make sure to obtain the names and contact information of anyone who has witnessed the fight. The witnesses can testify to the fact that you did not start the fight and were trying to avoid violence. While a fight might seem like a minor incident, many fights lead to pain, suffering, lost teeth, and disfigurement. But with a great personal injury lawyer, you will be able to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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