How To Prove That Your Doctor Caused Your Child's Birth Defect

Some babies are born with a birth defect. Some birth defects are unavoidable because they are the result of genetics. However, there are other birth defects that are directly the result of negligence on the part of a doctor. However, you'll need to prove that the doctor was negligent to be able to collect on the damage your child has suffered. This is difficult to accomplish without the help of a birth defect attorney.

Doctors and Hospitals Rarely Admit Fault

Because doctors and hospitals almost never admit fault, you will need to gather evidence that can then be used by an expert witness to prove that the doctor is at fault. In some cases, the doctor might have failed to properly monitor you and this lead to the doctor failing to perform an intervention that may have prevented the birth defect. In other cases, the doctor might have failed to warn you and this may have lead to the birth defect. 

In other cases, the doctor might have performed the wrong treatment. For example, you may have been given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication. Your doctor might have failed to perform a c-section when it would have been the appropriate decision. Also, your doctor might have used a vacuum improperly and this may have lead to a birth injury.

Doctors Have Several Responsibilities to Fulfill

Doctors are responsible for recognizing birth defects through tests and evaluations. There are several basic prenatal tests that doctors are expected to perform. They should be able to diagnose and treat common birth defects. You must be warned of the dangers of taking certain medications while pregnant and drinking and smoking. There might also be additional steps that older mothers are required to take to make sure they have a safe pregnancy. 

If the Doctors Are Negligent, You Deserve Compensation

After your birth defect attorney has successfully proven that your doctor was negligent and was responsible for your injuries, the next step is to find out the damages you suffered so that you can then seek compensation for the injuries your child has suffered. Then, you will be able to not only pay for current medical bills but will also have the funds to pay for future medical bills. Calculating all of your damages is crucial so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Reach out to a birth defect attorney to learn if you have a case. 

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