Could Your Brain Injury Be Undiagnosed?

Were you the victim in an accident that was not your fault, but you never feel like you fully recovered? It is possible that you are suffering from a brain injury from that accident that was never properly diagnosed. Here is what you should know about this unique personal injury situation.

Brain Injury Symptoms May Go Unnoticed

There are a few symptoms that may not be so obvious at first, but knowing the signs can help identify the signs of a brain injury. Some victims find that their balance is a bit off, with them bumping into things more often around the house. Others experience a high sensitivity to noise and light, where lights in the house that are too bright or noises that are too loud can upset you easily. You also may feel very fatigued as a result of a brain injury, or experience disturbances in your sleep that are hard to explain. It becomes complicated when you are also experiencing pain due to injuries and confusing all of those symptoms with those other injuries.

Brain Injuries Can Be Underdiagnosed

It's very easy for these symptoms to be written off by a doctor because they seem fairly minor. They may not look into the problems any further and ignore them, or simply wait to see if they improve and never follow up on it. It's important to work with someone that will advocate for you and help look into your issues for a potential brain injury that is undiagnosed or underdiagnosed. Your injury lawyer is all too familiar with these types of injuries, and will probably know to ask the right questions to see if it's worth looking into.

Brain Injuries Can Happen Without Direct Impact To The Brain

Many people think that they do not have a brain injury because they didn't suffer any direct impact to the head. Unfortunately, brain injuries can happen when the brain is moved around inside the skull, and it does not have to happen from direct impact. For example, the whiplash from a car accident can cause a brain injury to occur due to the sudden change in direction that the brain undergoes. If you are involved in a slip and fall, you may suffer a brain injury from the sudden fall and stop, even if you do not hit your head.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer if you suspect that you have a brain injury that has gone undiagnosed. You'll need to get the medical care you need so you can receive compensation for your injuries.

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