When Fallen Merchandise Leads To A Fractured Skull

When you are at a store that has very heavy merchandise placed on high shelves, there is a risk that one piece of merchandise might fall and hit you on the head. Depending on how the merchandise strikes your head, you might even suffer a skull fracture. This is a severe injury you will need to have treated immediately, and you will need to receive full compensation for the injury with the help of a personal injury attorney.

The Effects of a Skull Fracture

When you suffer a skull fracture, your skull is cracked open and your brain might become damaged. Depending on where the skull fracture occurs, you may be able to avoid brain damage, but you will still likely need very expensive medical treatment. This may lead to a traumatic brain injury.

After your head injury, you might lose your ability to:

  • Maintain your balance
  • Maintain consciousness
  • Recognize people and your surroundings
  • Speaking properly
  • Seeing clearly

You may also suffer from other symptoms such as vomiting, seizures, and a severe headache. These symptoms can have a severe impact on your life and may make it difficult to fulfill your everyday obligations and earn a living. Therefore, it is important to work closely with a personal injury attorney to make sure that you receive full compensation for your skull fracture.

Fallen Merchandise Liability

A store owner is responsible for making sure that the store is safe for customers. If a piece of merchandise falls and hits you on the head, you may be able to take legal action against the store owner. Store owners often carry liability insurance that can be used to pay for lawsuits initiated by customers.

Your attorney will need to gather and organize all the evidence to prove that you were injured and that your injuries were the direct result of the falling merchandise. While you might think that your serious injury is obvious, the defense might attempt to downplay your injuries and will do everything possible to offer the lowest possible settlement. 

Damages Resulting from a Fractured Skull

After your accident, you may need to be hospitalized, which can be very expensive, and you may need nursing home care or at-home care. You will likely need prescription medication, which can be very expensive. You will also likely be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, given the impact that a fractured skull can have on your life.

For more information about working with a personal injury attorney, contact a local law firm, like Eisdorfer, Eisdorfer & Eisdorfer.

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