Things To Focus On During A Free Consultation With A Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death is when someone causes a death because of negligence or violence. If you're facing this situation as a surviving family member, you'll probably want to utilize a free consultation with a wrongful death attorney as to find out what to do next. Just make sure you pay attention to these things during this consult.

Case Win Rate 

When you head into a wrongful death claim, you want to feel good about your chances of winning and receiving compensation. Otherwise, you would probably feel more comfortable moving on without the courts getting involved. You can gain more confidence about the likelihood of winning if you find out your attorney's winning percentage rate. 

They may bring this up on their own accord or you can ask, but their breakdown of similar cases they've won is crucial because it lets you know how skilled and experienced the attorney is with this legal specialty. Then you can use this winning percentage rate to decide if you've found the right legal professional or not.

Evidence Preservation

Evidence is one of the most important things to provide when taking a party to court over a wrongful death claim. It can vary quite a bit, but you need to make sure it's preserved so that the strength of your wrongful death claim isn't affected. This is something to discuss during your initial consultation with a wrongful death attorney.

See what measures they'll take to collect evidence and subsequently preserve it once it's targeted. They may hire a team of investigators or act fast to talk to witnesses who may have been present during the act of negligence that caused your loved one's passing. 

Irreparable Damage

After losing a loved one due to a wrongful death incident, there is going to be some type of irreparable damage. It might be wages that are no longer coming in because the loved one was a big provider or maybe emotional trauma that you'll never fully recover from.

You want to discuss these forms of damage with a wrongful death attorney during the free consultation period. They can see what damage is relevant and then give you an idea of what they would be worth in monetary value.

Families faced with wrongful death situations have a lot on their plate and that's particularly true from a legal standpoint. For this reason, you should consult with a wrongful death attorney as soon as you get the chance. They can give you a complete breakdown of what to do and what's to come. You just need to listen and ask the right questions during your first meeting with them.

For more information, contact wrongful death attorneys near you.

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